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Washboard abs workout live

“Impressive roof terrace, Alice!” calls out Matija via livestream on my laptop. “Where are you ?!” My sound is switched off so that he cannot hear me. Nevertheless, I call out “Sydney”.

It may seem unusual for me to be on a rooftop terrace in Sydney and take part in a live online course from BEAT81 in Berlin, but if I go a little further, you will quickly see that there is a lot these days Makes sense.

The Europeans hide in their houses. One of the few ways to keep yourself active and fit these days is with home workouts. Within a very short time, Urban Sports Club became #HomeSportsClub : The sports offer is currently taking place in live online courses to support both the community and your favorite partners.

With the #HomeSportsClub you have the opportunity to continue your sports routine. Active membership gives you quick access to thousands of live online courses. That means you can train with your favorite coach as usual, just from home. As always, you can of course also discover completely new possibilities.

Nobody could have predicted how 2020 would develop, but one thing is certain:

Every crisis also harbors an opportunity – and we must now seize it together and work together. Clearly, Urban Sports Club’s priority is to make sure the partners keep their businesses alive. For this reason, 80% of the active membership fees during this time go to the partners!

Of course, I tried one of the live online courses straight away: I reserved a place in the HIIT 7/4 online workout from BEAT81 via the Urban Sports Club app and received a link to the live stream 15 minutes before the training session.

So here I am on a roof terrace in Sydney. I gave my brother the responsibility for the photography and I was able to convince my roommate Alicia to take part in the training (without, of course, mentioning how brutal BEAT81 can be). Within a few seconds, a video appears in which the trainers and the BEAT81 concept are presented. EDM music booms over the speakers to get us in the right mood for the upcoming workout.

Then the link goes live and Matija and Marija walk through the picture with a huge BEAT81 sign in the background. “Hello, hello, hello!” You radiate such an energy that it immediately transfers to me. “Hello Mascha in Munich! Lukas in Berlin! Hayley from London, hello! Wow, we’re such an international bunch! ”

There is little point in glossing over it: the current situation is not easy! We can’t travel, we can’t meet our friends, we can’t have coffee together, and we can’t go out. But #HomeSportClub is at least making it more bearable. When I saw these energetic coaches on the monitor, who could also see me, I felt directly connected to them – just like in Berlin within my community!

Today we do a HIIT 7/4 workout. “That means 8 exercises of 25 seconds each and a 15-second break in between each of 4 sets,” says Matija. “Grab your water bottle, we’ll use it as a weight.” Awesome!

Alicia and I can’t help but laugh out loud as we warm up with knee lifts, heels and squats. I see Matija and Marija having fun. They must miss their usual fitness classes, but they do an amazing job: they make us feel like a unit!

The training is tough: from star jumps and bunny hops to intense abdominal muscle exercises. Mountain climbers, Russian twists, ski jumps, sprints and crunches. My whole body is on fire and Marija notices me slowing down. “Go on, Alice,” she calls. “You can do it!”

At the end of the fourth repetition, sweat is dripping off my face! But the training is not over yet – typical for BEAT81. “Just a minute,” shouts Marija. This is how all training units always end!

“Squat! Stay down! ”I can see the strain on everyone else’s faces in the camera. “We’ll get through this together,” Matija appeals to us while the sweat drips down his forehead. “We’re all in the same boat!”

Stay part of the community. Check out the new live online courses from the Urban Sports Club today and learn more about the concept!

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