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A very private kettlebell workout

Good news for all sports fans: Most of them can work up a sweat in the fresh air again! Gradually, the corona protective measures are being relaxed throughout Germany, so that we can enjoy a growing range of outdoor activities.

So if you have converted your own living room into a fitness studio, but now prefer to train with your favorite local partner, you won’t miss out!

Because all live online courses that are displayed on our platform continue to take place as usual, you now have the free choice whether you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors.

In terms of outdoor training, we didn’t have to ask Zimo Tam from the fitness blog Fitness Agony to test for us how much fun a workout from Kettlebell Club Berlin is – of course, always with the necessary distance and in compliance with the safety precautions.

Don’t get me wrong: I haven’t been idle in the last few weeks because I’ve spent a lot of time running and online training at home . Now I want to try something new in the fresh air!

So what do I do with the multitude of options that are now available to me after over 2 months of quarantine?

I click through the diverse range of Urban Sports Club in search of something that sounds exciting to me. And already found: a kettlebell course. “Sounds interesting”, I think enthusiastically and take a closer look at the course.

Since I’ve already trained with kettlebells at one point or another and the beginners’ course just doesn’t fit into my daily routine, I decide on the level 2 course. “It won’t be that bad”, I think to myself and confirm my course booking.

Two days later the time has come: I arrive at the Berlin-Ostkreuz stop and walk from there to the Ringside Gym in less than 10 minutes.

The Ringside Gym is actually a martial arts school where you can learn various martial arts from Monday to Saturday.

Today, however, a sweaty kettlebell workout is on my program! Finally arrived. “Because of its functionality and versatility, kettlebell training is a great additional training option for athletes and all Urban Sports Club members,” says trainer Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, explaining the advantages of the planned workout.

Klaus-Dieter is just finishing the training with 8 participants of the Level 1 course. “This is currently the maximum number of participants that is allowed. The level 2 training starts in a few minutes. Let’s see if there are any other participants at the start.

Many sports fans are currently still holding back on outdoor workouts out of caution or just don’t yet know that it is possible to train outside in small groups again, “he says.

When no one shows up after 15 minutes of waiting, it should be clear to both of us: For me today there is a very private kettlebell lesson from the professional himself. I’m curious!

Klaus-Dieter Lehmann has been a certified kettlebell instructor for many years and was trained by none other than THE kettlebell trainer of our time: Pavel Tsatsouline.

The chance to receive personal training with a specially trained kettlebell trainer is not often available in life. So we want to get the most out of the training session. Klaus-Dieter decides to concentrate more on my technique.

After a short warm-up for the whole body, I familiarize myself with the kettlebell and a few basic exercises. “Today we practice deadlifts with the kettlebell, kettlebell swings, one-armed kettlebell swings, bottom up cleans, military press with kettlebell, snatches and the scales with kettlebell”, Klaus-Dieter enumerates enthusiastically.

Sounds like a tight program. And that’s it – as it turns out later. Since I already have some previous experience, I make rapid progress and can work on many small personal weaknesses. Klaus motivates me, observes my movements very closely and corrects my movements again and again.

Although we focus on technical training, I also run at full speed in terms of fitness. At the end of today’s training I am happy and have the feeling that I have learned a lot and that I have exhausted myself physically.

After the training, I want to know from Klaus how a workout works for him under normal conditions.

“I always start with a little warm-up, during which I do various mobility exercises with the participants. Then it goes to technical training. This is important so that the exercises in the workout are performed correctly.

The workouts always consist of various strength and endurance elements. This can be a mix of kettlebell exercises and bodyweight or partner exercises, but I also like to let my participants sprint once so they can really work out.

In the end, the participants should have worked up a sweat without completely k. o. to be. Every two months I let the participants do an all-out training in which you go to your limits and beyond. ”

For my part, I go home today with the satisfied feeling that I have learned a lot and at the same time challenged my body and allow myself a well-deserved break!

If you, too, would like to enjoy a fresh breeze while exercising with your friends, colleagues or other participants, take a look at our website or the app and discover our large selection of outdoor and indoor Activities.