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New travel destination: train across Europe

An interplay of sport, fun, new discoveries and impressions in other countries is currently unthinkable – at least in reality. Would you still feel like meditation in Berlin, yoga in Barcelona, ​​ballet in Paris or fitness in Brussels? Then we have good news for you: Thanks to the live online courses, you can travel Europe, at least virtually, to make interesting online acquaintances and try out new things. You keep yourself fit and healthy at the same time!

Even more: In the spirit of #activetogether, you also support your favorite partners with each of your check-ins

So plan your next virtual city trip including a workout from the comfort of your couch. We have put together a small selection of options that you can take advantage of with the live online courses. As often when traveling, English is spoken there. Because our courses are of course also held in the national language, you could even improve your foreign language skills, depending on which workout you choose in which country. It’s up to you!


We start our virtual tour with Shanti Vida’s yoga offer in Barcelona. Here the courses are designed to guide the participants to better self-awareness. There is a suitable style for every level and every mood. The goal of each lesson is that you are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings and that you can recharge your batteries.

If you just can’t get enough of the fiery mentality of the Catalans and the Spanish flair, you can go straight to the The Studio BCN: Here a multidisciplinary program of power yoga, meditation, Pilates, core and stretch and much more is offered .

Berlin and Munich

Are you conscientious, perfectionist and looking for your own kind? Then arrange a workout with like-minded people in Germany. For several years now, Berlin has also been known as the yoga capital, with Hotpod Yoga, among other things, offering you the opportunity to practice Vinyasa Yoga – a flowing, dynamic type of yoga that makes you physically and mentally strong – with a pinch of ease.

Or would you rather improve your endurance with more variety than the same jogging route offers you again and again?

Then try out Beat 81’s HIIT workouts! Here you go through 7 different cardio and strength exercises within 30 minutes. With little breaks in between, of course! Nevertheless: Beat 81’s workouts are sweaty. The good thing is that you won’t even notice how quickly time goes by!

Almost 600 km across Germany with just one click of the mouse: After she turned away from her stressful everyday life, Anna Veronika also called herself Roni, and by founding Roni’s yoga studio a long-awaited dream came true. Since then, the yoga teacher has been passing on her knowledge, experience and passion for yoga to her students.


When you hear Brussels, the first thing that might come to mind is the Atomium, the Grand Place and the Manneken Pis. The city has so much more to offer – at least currently in terms of sport: At the Brussels Yoga Loft, people with a variety of interests come together in a warm, friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere to take part in Glowing Morning Flow courses or Yin- Classes to leave their stress behind.

At Fitness Zone in Brussels, the HIIT workouts are so popular that they even take place twice a day. The mission of Fitness Zone is designed to make every training session as pleasant, entertaining and, above all, as effective as possible.


The city of love loves sport and sport loves Paris. This can be felt particularly clearly in The Space Paris. Here you can take Vinyasa and Yin classes in English. With Yin Yoga you can thoroughly stretch your connective tissue and find a calm mind while your breathing and movement are in flow with the Vinyasa.

You want more?

Then Soft Heart Yoga with Hatha Yoga offers you an alternative. Here, a balance between body and mind is aimed primarily through physical asanas.

Petit plié, grand plié … is what California Barre says! Discover the possibility of combining fitness and Pilates with classic ballet exercises – perfect for targeted muscle building. At the same time you improve your coordination and balance.

And if you want to work out after a long day at home, then MU: V is the place for you! A wide selection of workouts awaits you here: from bootcamps, functional training, cardio boxing to hatha and vinyasa yoga, there is something for everyone. Even for children: With Family Fit, parents can train together with their offspring.


In the city that is eponymous and known for port wine, you will find the yoga studio Manna Porto. The philosophy here is that physical well-being goes beyond healthy eating and drinking. The Hatha Yoga courses are held with the aim of helping as many people as possible to apply the principles they have learned outside of class.


Sport in the Eternal City! Yogassage offers ashtanga yoga and vinyasa flow dances in an entertaining way. The live online courses are led by Roberta, a full-time yoga teacher who has been in the fashion industry for a long time. With her positive energy, she takes the course participants on an exciting journey to and in Rome.

Paris today, Berlin tomorrow and Rome the day after tomorrow? It has never been so easy to satisfy your wanderlust and urge to move at the same time! With the live online courses you can enrich your sports routine across Europe with courses in other countries. Try out your personal travel workout today and share your experiences with us on Instagram!

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