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The first sports studios open – which applies where now

In some places the first sports studios are opening again – in other federal states they are still closed. The rules and requirements for playing sports differ from state to state. This patchwork quilt occasionally raises a few questions, so that it is not that easy to keep track of what is now where exactly.

Where you have to be patient for the sports temples to reopen and where not. We have summarized below how you can train safely and what you have to consider when training outdoors.

When are the sports studios allowed to reopen?

There is no uniform regulation for the whole of Germany. Even in individual federal states, there are no standardized dates for returning to indoor training. The best example of this is Thuringia: There, the cities and districts decide on the implementation of individual easing of the Corona restrictions – including whether fitness studios & Co are allowed to reopen.

The following table gives you an overview of when fitness studios, climbing halls and swimming pools in your area will reopen, as well as which relaxations will come into effect with regard to outdoor sports.

Reopening of Urban Sports Club partner locations

With all the joy and enthusiasm about the reopening of the sports studios, we are still aware of the great responsibility towards you and our partners. For this reason we do not reactivate all partner locations in the respective federal states at once.

Rather, we are currently personally contacting our partners to inform them of the necessities that the reopening entails. We therefore ask for your understanding if the changeover to offline operation of a corresponding offer still takes a little time.

You can find more information about the reopening of our partner locations after the lockdown here.

Indoor training in Corona times

The training in Corona times will differ significantly from that before the crisis. The reopening of the studios is associated with strict hygiene regulations. Sports providers must ensure that these can also be implemented before they can resume operations.

What you can expect as a trainee when visiting your partner location, we have summarized below. The following rules apply to North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse – and will probably not look much different in the other federal states either:

  1. As with a real cold, the following applies: If you feel sick, it is better to suspend your training routine until you feel better.
  2. After entering the premises of the sports facility you wash and / or disinfect your hands immediately. Only contact-free greeting rituals are currently allowed.
  3. Be cooperative and a little patient when checking into the gym. Sports operators are required to document customer contact data, the time of entering and leaving the premises and participation in certain courses in writing.
  4. You should appear in the gym in your sports dress, as the changing rooms may only be opened to store your private items.
  5. You should also have your drinks with you, because the rule is: No self-service on open drink dispensers.
  6. The use of showers, swimming pools, saunas and solariums is still prohibited until further notice.
  7. Courses with unavoidable physical contact are not permitted. Any high-intensity endurance training (e.g. indoor cycling, HIIT and anaerobic threshold training) is currently not permitted due to the aerosol exposure. If you do not want to do without your usual training routine, we recommend that you use our live online courses or do appropriate workouts in the open air.
  8. It is still the case that you do both in courses and on fitness equipment must maintain a minimum distance of 2 m in all directions to your training neighbor.
  9. Placing large towels that you have brought with you is still mandatory and is generally part of good training hygiene.
  10. The contact surfaces of all sports equipment must be disinfected after each use.
  11. If you need special sports equipment, such as thera bands or mats, for your training, you have to bring it with you from home. Fitness studios are not allowed to provide equipment if their contact surfaces are difficult to disinfect.

You can read the Corona Protection Ordinance of hygiene and infection protection standards for fitness studios that apply in your region here read.

You will find out how the exact hygiene precautions are implemented in the respective rooms from your partner location before your visit. It is best to inform yourself in advance so that there are no surprises on site.

Here, too, the following applies: We do not make any separate recommendations regarding our partners than those specified by the national or local authorities.

Outdoor training in Corona times

Chancellor Merkel has reached an agreement with the Prime Ministers of the federal states to largely allow outdoor sports again. Outdoor athletes must continue to adhere to certain requirements. A distance of 1.5 to 2 meters must be guaranteed and the sport must be practiced without contact.

Basically, however, the federal states also decide here how large group training sessions may be. The relaxation literally invites you to relocate workouts such as high-intensity endurance training that are not yet allowed in gyms or yoga to the fresh air.

Get started together with Urban Sports Club

On our website and in our app you can find out which workouts are already being offered outdoors. Please note that only active partners offer courses and / or free trainings.

If a partner does not appear there or if no courses or free training courses are displayed, they have not yet gone through the reactivation process. In this case we ask for a little patience – in most cases it will be a few days and he will be there again

Our live online courses as well as the ever-increasing range of sports on site are currently available to you.

So you can do a mixture of online and on-site sports – whatever you want. Let’s go!

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