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Why alone? – dear #activetogether!

Germany hangs out collectively at home and the opportunities to do sports outside of your own four walls are still very limited. Live online courses are one of the few ways to keep fit in virtual society. Now we’re giving something back to those who make it possible for you. #activetogether for our partner locations!

In the gym, mats are still rolled up, treadmills switched off and dumbbells unrestrained. Where else people sweat and puff at the same time, there is still absolute emptiness.

Despite the uncertainty of the hour, it is now more important than ever to stick together as a community! With our #activetogether initiative, we want to move closer as an industry: 80% of your membership fee goes to our partners and also supports those who are currently unable to adapt their sports offer to an online format.

So that you can continue to get through this time active and healthy and not lose the fun of the sport, trainers like Simon Müller from Sankt Pauli Athletik are in front of the camera every day – often several times a day – and give live workouts.

A big thank you for the fact that, thanks to coaches like him, we don’t have to do without our usual sports routine in the current situation and that we can continue to motivate each other as a community in sports. We asked the fitness coach how much he enjoyed his ”new” job:

Admittedly, at first most of us might get used to dialing into a workout online instead of being able to work off as usual on site.

How are you doing with that?

Many sports facilities that are directly affected by a closure are currently dependent on support for the very existence: Because we, too, offer our range of sports from cross and strength training to yoga, pilates and relaxation exercises as usual, we have rethought sport. That moves us to reinvent ourselves too. In my opinion, the current situation holds a great opportunity: Thanks to Urban Sports Club, we were able to translate our product from direct support to our local community into a virtual offer. Within a very short time we managed to create an offer that is completely different from the original, but works at least as well. Through the live online courses we can continue to hold on to our vision of training and community.

How are the live online courses received by the community?

The members who trained with us before the crisis are absolutely thrilled: On the one hand, I can imagine that because of the Social togetherness are fire and flame for the live online courses. The virtual workout gives you the feeling of being able to come into contact with one another in times of social distancing and pull together. Many members talk to each other even half an hour after the training session.

On the other hand, we get a lot of positive feedback regarding the physical fitness of the exercisers. Due to the fact that, apart from normal everyday objects, you simply don’t have that much equipment available, our members also train differently. For most, it’s brand new to use your own body weight instead of dumbbells. This is really popular with the community and every week there are more participants. It’s nice to have achieved something that met with a lot of enthusiasm

How important is cohesion within the community right now?

Particularly when it comes to sport, strong cohesion was and is essential! Especially in these times, each and every one of us feels how important it is to achieve something in a group and how much fun it is to be together. It is extremely important to be open and to be able to get involved in this experience! You can only pull together if you shake hands with others! Together we are strong. Let’s make the best of it!

You too can become part of our community! Let’s be #activetogether. It’s that easy: Post your workout on Instagram using the hashtag #activetogether and tag @urbansportsclub . This not only keeps you fit, but also motivates and inspires others to stay active at home.

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